Les Haleurs by Demanet Les Haleurs by Demanet Les Haleurs by Demanet
Les Haleurs, A Bronze Figural Group
On a Marble Base

Cast from a Model by Victor Joseph Ghislain Demanet, circa 1930

Inscribed on the base VICTOR DEMANET

15 ½ in (39.4 cm) high, 31 in (78.8 cm) wide

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Demanet studied in L’Academie of Namur under the sculptor Désiré Hubin. During his military service in Brussels, he discovered the work of Constantine Meunier. Like Meunier, he would take the ‘working man’ as the main subject of his works. Demanet made realistic portraits as well as sculptural groups and monuments. In the International Exhibition of Liège in 1930, he obtained the Gold Medal for his exhibited work.