Burgun Schverer Vase Burgun Schverer Vase Burgun Schverer Vase
An Internally Decorated and Wheel-Carved Glass Vase

By Burgun Schverer & Cie, circa 1895

Decorated with dogwood blossom and foliage, against a martelé ground with gilt highlights, with gilt signature B.S. & C./VERRIERE D'ART DE LORRAINE /S&Co déposé

6 ¼ in (16 cm) high

cf. Jules S. Traub, The Glass of Désiré Christian, 1978, p.97
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The firm Burgun, Schverer & Cie first displayed its own line of art glass at the 1895 Strasbourg Exhibition. Under the design leadership of Désiré Christian, known as the 'ghost for Gallé', several innovative techniques were introduced, all of which are apparent in this vase. The dogwood blossoms were painted onto the surface and then laminated with a transparent coat of glass, which was wheel-cut over the design, resulting in a three-dimensional effect. The saw-tooth carving around the rim, the textured martelé surface, the amethyst to periwinkle shading of the background, and the gilt highlights are all trademarks of Christian's work. The classic Art Nouveau gilt signature employing the Cross of Lorraine and a thistle adds a final flourish to this vase.