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A Rare Marqueterie-Sur-Verre Glass Seal
With the original inlaid wood box

By Emile Gallé, circa 1890

Decorated with a white marqueterie-sur-verre butterfly, beneath a carved flower form knop with hearts around the shoulder, the seal engraved with the words Arte Caritateand a butterfly with gilt highlights, engraved with a ‘japoniste’ signature Gallé, the box cover carved with a butterfly and inlaid with a marquetry decoration of Turk’s cap lilies, with engraved ‘japoniste’ signature Gallé

Seal: 4 ¼ in (11 cm) high
Case: 5 ¾ in (14.5 cm) high

Monsieur Michel Neugarten
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Known as the father of the Art Nouveau movement and regarded as one of the most innovative and skilful masters of glassmaking, Emile Gallé produced pieces of virtuoso skill as well as considerable charm. This marqueterie-sur-verre glass seal, decorated with several butterflies, is a highly unusual piece by the artist which expresses his distinctive style. His affinity for nature, symbolism and the forms and decorations associated with Japanese art are demonstrated here, with careful attention to detail and placement of the decoration. The butterflies were a favourite motif, symbolising the ephemeral and life's journey; the knop with small carved hearts around the shoulder is a detail that would have been directly chosen by Gallé himself. The Latin words 'Arte Caritate' meaning 'For the Love of Art' are engraved on the seal, which suggests that it may have been made by Gallé for himself, or perhaps for an important patron.