Bruno Zach Girl with a Monkey Bruno Zach Girl with a Monkey
An Erotic Bronze and Ivory Figure of a Nude Woman and a Monkey

Attributed to Bruno Zach, circa 1925

7 ¾ in (19.7 cm) high

Base: 5 7/8 in (14.9 cm) x 3 ½ in (8.9 cm)

The collection of Richard Wright

At the 1900 Paris Exhibition, Gallé exhibited a similar commode called Ipomoea, which was well received, and is now in the collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Its exhibition inspired the commission of the present commode, Nocturne, for the important collector Henry Hirsch of Nancy. Hirsch did not like the discrete marquetry on the Ipomoea commode, so requested something different. The same framework was used but the morning glories on the broad panels of the Ipomoea were replaced by chrysanthemums and a mother-of-pearl butterfly. It is believed that no other Nocturne commode was ever made and this piece can be regarded as an undiscovered treasure.